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Title: Fuga
Artist: Ricci Rucker
Label: Alpha Pup
Selection: APR-008
File Under: Underground Hip-Hop "R"

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  APR-008 CD    669158400829  CD Album  1300  May 17, 2005 Download Link

Track Listing
1 Tension And Release (The Journey To Fuga) Ricci Rucker 9:10 US25X0477098
2 Harder Than Hard, Softer Than Soft (The Line Between Yin and Yang) Ricci Rucker 4:58 US25X0477099
3 4004 Ricci Rucker 5:32 US25X0477100
4 Too Fresh For Words Ricci Rucker 5:51 US25X0477101
5 Do You See The Pattern? Ricci Rucker 7:08 US25X0477102
6 I'm Glad You See Now (One Tree Does Not Make A Forrest) Ricci Rucker 6:23 US25X0477103
7 Hetytirelasitshiswalalamedm-
forecrosrdndartscahcgni (Nessun Regole)
Ricci Rucker 4:58 US25X0477104
8 We'll Miss You Ricci Rucker 4:59 US25X0477105
9 Life At Once Ricci Rucker 1:45 US25X0477106

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